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Drunken Poker Night hosted at the home of Rene' Rodriguez, 11/3/07. Players enjoyed the spacious room at the pool table and the creative dealer button: a rubber chair foot. A one of a kind picture. Sandy joins the Sat. night group for a shot a toast in honor of friend Russ Tripoli, who lost his battle with cancer earlier the same day. 10/27/07. Bob & Maryann.... WAIT! That's not Maryann! That's, Jim! WTF! Drunken Poker, 10/13/07. Tim & Jennine.... WAIT! That's not Tim! That's his brother, Jim! WTF! Saturday 9/29/07; the date the Drunken Poker League decides to announce it's second season.
Our poker queens at Drunken Poker night, Sat. 7/28/07. This night was unofficially named "Black Saturday" due to the "happenings" that night, however to make the date official, a 2/3 vote from the Senate and a House majority must vote in favor of the declaration... and everyone was just to drunk to coordinate the effort.
Drunken Poker Night, 7/21/07: Rene', Master P., Nadia, Monica
A scene from Drunken Poker Night, 7/21/07. This is the way the place typically looks during a break...WTF! Saturday night... SHOTS? June 30, 2007
Jamie Zaia takes in a huge pot in game 7 of 10 in the Summer Season 2007.
A standard Saturday night "titty twister" however in this photo, Rene' committing a slight breach of etiquette, by reaching over to twist the further of the two nipples instead of the one closest to her. 6/16/07
Another photo from the Summer Guy's Vegas Vacation in June 07. In this photo, Eric is standing next to the beer can he went heads up with in a $500 no-limit event. Consequently, Eric crushed the can :)
The Summer Guys say "Hi" from Vegas. 6/28/07
A mop & bucket left for Master P at Tim's Sat. game on 6/23/07. A sign was posted above the mop indicating the same.
The sign posted above the mop & bucket left out for the Master. The mop & bucket were placed no less than 30ft from the seat Master P was seated at, in accordance with Webster fire code. 6/23/07.
"Tommy da Bus" 6/07
Rene' and Rene's mom. 6/9/07.
Knocked out early in the Tournament, and busting in a cash game afterwards, Tommy decides to play with the kids and looses. Let's keep that one between us, shall we? 6/7/07.
Three minutes into the game, blinds are 1 and 2... post flop, the pot has close to 200 in chips, a typical Saturday... 6/2/07 On break at Jim's... hosting a Saturday night game because the Paura's skipped town and headed west while Tim skipped town and headed east... 6/2/07 Mary Ann Paura wins 2nd Place in a No-Limit Tourney, Las Vegas 5/07

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