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Game 9 of 10 of the Spring Season 2010... Thursday April 1, 2010. Game was held at Bob's. These guys didn't last too long... Cash game at the kiitchen table. Here is a goodie from Nadia's cell phone, from a DPL game on 1/31/09, featuring Mr. Sat. Night, Melanie, & Tim... Click the picture to enlarge, Rick Quaranto, aka Master P, prefers to spank his monkey during the break - game 3 of 10 of the Fall Season, Thursday, 08/21/08. DPL event 7 of 10, 3/1/08, Olando makes the call, loses his chips, and finds himself holding Jennine's wine glass while she plays on...
Olando hesitates for several minutes trying read Jim, who huddles into his hoodie in an attempt to create more confusion. DPL event 7 of 10, 3/1/08, Olando is raised all in by Jim Entwistle who holds the nuts, Olando holding second to the nuts. Sandy cuts her birthday cake on DPL Fall Season game night, 12/1/07. Incidentally, she took two back to back first places totalling $200.00 that night! Eric Smith under a sloo of Ma Poker's hanging garments, while playing a side game in Rene' Rodriguez's basement - Drunken Sat. 11/3/07.

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